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We Certify Trading Investments For You

Verify returns from our alternative investment strategies with real brokerage statements in commodities, emini, forex, futures, options, stocks & ETFs.

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Each of our alternative investment strategies goes through a rigorous 8-step certification process.

Step 1

Each strategy developer must be referred to us by a trusted third party, also need to be certified, registered, or have 10+ years experience.

Step 5

Having at least 10 years of actual trading experience in the markets is a must. We prefer veteran traders who have a mentor's mentality.

Step 2

The strategy developers must complete a comprehensive application and complete an in-depth survey to begin the process.

Step 6

Strategy developers are required to show a performance back-test of 5+ years to determine how the strategy performs in a variety of markets.

Step 3

We choose to only work with strategy developers who have worked with or is currently licensed with CFTC, NFA, SEC, FINRA, CSA, ASIC, etc.

Step 7

Each system developer must provide real brokerage account statements. Ideally a developer will have 3-5 years of brokerage statements.

Step 4

We verify that each strategy's trading rule is real and actually works in current markets. Our ideal strategy is mechanical and quantifiable.

Step 8

If the strategy passes all 7 previous steps, we begin trying the system out in a live market environment. If everything looks good, then it’s all systems go!
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"I am most delighted with the results. I established the first strategy under their guidance on February 20, 2014. This strategy was funded at a 3rd party broker with $50,000 and has already yielded $20,000. This is a 40% gain in 3 months."
Robert B.
"By following the portfolio of simple strategies, I was able to make back my fees in the first two months, as well as pull enough cash out to put the down payment on a vacation home on the Mayan Riviera. My account has grown well over 40% in 4 months."
Mark S.
"I initiated my trading account 3 months ago, and, remarkably, I am receiving a 25% return on my investment by following the PG strategy! I would highly recommend Brandon and Farnsfield Research to anyone who is looking for real investment strategies."
Tracy H.

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